Closing or adding to a position

To close a position, perform the following:

  1. In the main window, click Account and click the Positions tab. 

    Tip: you can also open the Position summary gadget. See Adding a gadget for details.

  2. Double-click the position row of the symbol you want to trade.

    The order entry tab will flash green (buy order) or red (sell order) with some of the position details pre-populated.

    The rest of the fields will display default values. When you are closing a position, the fields that cannot be changed will be disabled.

  3. In this example, if you want to add to your position, select Buy instead of Sell, and modify the enabled fields as required.

  4. Click Send order. A confirmation message may appear, depending on your user preferences.

Note: to close a mutual fund position, go to myQuestrade.

To close gold and bond positions that cannot be traded on IQ, please contact the trade desk at 1.866.980.9590.
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