Creating an alert

To create an alert:

  1. In the main window, click AccountAlerts. The Alerts tab opens.

    Tip:  you can quickly create an alert from a chart by right-clicking anywhere on the chart, and clicking Create new > Alert entry.  

  2. In the symbol lookup field, enter the symbol you want to create an alert for, and click Add.

  3. A disclaimer window opens. Carefully read the disclaimer, select the I have read and accept the terms checkbox, and click Accept.

  4. The alert entry window opens. The quote area (a) displays the latest quote, price change, volume, previous closing, and bid and ask information. To get the most up-to-date quote for your symbol, click .

  5. Define the alert settings shown in (b):

  6. Alert setting Description
    Category  Select price, volume, or 52 wk.  
    Condition Define a condition for your alert. For more information, see Alert conditions and operators.
    Operator  Select an operator to define the relationship between the condition and value. For more information, see Alert conditions and operators.
    Value  Enter a value for your alert based on the operator and condition.
    Note   If desired, enter a note up to 125 characters long. The note will be displayed in email notification and pop-up messages only.

  7. If you haven't set up your global alert preferences, or if you want to override your existing global alert preferences for this specific alert, define the notification preferences shown in (c):

  8. Notification setting Description
    Notification method Select how you will be notified when your alert is triggered. You can select from email, SMS text message, and audio. It is possible to select as many notification methods as desired. For more information, see Modify an individual alert's notification preferences.

    Note: the email and SMS notification methods will be unavailable until you define a valid email address and phone number. To learn how to modify an alert's associated email address or SMS number, see Set up your global alert preferences

    Alert duration Define how long your alert will remain active. By default, it will be active for one year, but you can choose to have it active until a specific date. Select the Outside trading hours checkbox to make the alert active during pre- and post-market trading hours.

  9. Click Activate when you have completed defining the alert settings and customizing the notification method for the alert. The new alert will appear under the Active tab. For more information, see View alert statuses.
Note: you can create up to 50 active alerts at one time for any account you own. Active alerts that have been triggered will automatically move to the Triggered tab but can be easily reactivated. For more information, see View alert statuses.

Expired alerts will be automatically moved to the Cancelled tab. 

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