Linking and unlinking tabs and gadgets

Linking two or more tabs or gadgets together enables you to update the information for all linked tabs/gadgets at the same time. As a result, when you change the symbol in one tab/gadget, all linked tabs/gadgets will automatically update to the same symbol automatically. 

  1. To link a tab/gadget, click the Symbol link icon Symbol link on the tab/gadget header. All tabs/gadgets that you click symbol link for will be linked.

    Unlinked Linked

  2. To unlink a tab/gadget, click the Symbol link icon  on the tab/gadget header.

    : if you change or remove a gadget it will be unlinked automatically.
Example: if you want to link the level 1 gadget to the today's orders gadget, and you’ve clicked symbol link on the level 1 gadget, click symbol link on the today's orders gadget as well. Clicking symbol link links the tab or gadget, clicking symbol link again unlinks it.
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