Level 2 quote areas

The level 2 area presents detailed market data for symbols traded on Canadian and U.S. exchanges, allowing you to carry out a comparative analysis of a given symbol’s price, order size, or other characteristics across the different venues where it is currently being traded.

The level 2 area lets you view the actual market action occurring between buyers and sellers. 

To view the level 2 market data for a given exchange, you must have a subscription to the level 1 data package for that exchange. Only the exchanges covered in your level 1 package are eligible for a level 2 subscription. For example, if you have a subscription to the level 1 data package for TSX, you will be eligible to subscribe to a level 2 data package for TSX only.

You can choose to cancel the level 2 subscription at any time without affecting your level 1 subscription.

To view level 2 quotes in a gadget, click the Add gadget Add gadget icon in the upper right corner of the main window, then select the Level 2 gadget to add it to the sidebar. See Add a gadget in the advanced layout for details.

Unable to see level 2 market data after subscribing?
Check our FAQs for tips on troubleshooting.
Note: you must sign any pending market data agreements to receive level 1 and level 2 data. To view your market data agreements, go to myQuestrade.
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