Getting an option quote

  1. Click the Quote tab, then click Option quote.

    Note: the option quote area populates with real-time level 1 data for the default global symbol set under user preferences. You can change the default preferences at any time by accessing user preference settings for order entry. See Adjust order entry preference settings for details.

  2. Enter the underlying symbol name.

    1. To look up an underlying symbol for a single-leg option in OPT mode:

      1. Enter the symbol name in the symbol lookup field. 

      2. Select the symbol name from the auto-suggest list that appears as you enter the symbol name, or continue to manually enter the symbol name.

      3. Press Enter.

      The option quote area will populate with level 1 information as soon as a valid symbol name is entered in the symbol lookup field. 

    2. To select the option filters:

      1. Select the option strategy you want to display in the option chains area:

        • Calls/Puts - displays both call and put options

        • Calls - displays only call options

        • Puts - displays only put options

        • Note:
          this filter is set to calls/puts by default.
      2. Set the expiry date for the option. The following expiration filters are available:

        • Near - option contracts that are expiring in the current or next month

        • Far - option contracts that are expiring in the next calendar year

        • All - all possible option contracts for the selected underlying symbol and strategy

        • Individual option expiration dates are listed in chronological order

        • Note: near will be set as the default expiry date.
      3. Select the number of strike prices to display for the expiration date:

        • 4 to 9 strikes - displays the selected number of strike prices closest to the underlying symbol's last price for each expiration date.

        • All - displays all available strike prices for the expiration date.

The option chains information will be displayed based on the selected option filters. 

Note: if you are receiving delayed data, a market data entitlement indicator Market data entitlement indicator will appear next to the symbol lookup field in the option quote tab. 

If there are more than 10 suggestions for the symbol name in the auto-suggest list, click the More link at the bottom of the list to open the symbol lookup table window. To choose a symbol name from this window, do one of the following:

  • Double-click the symbol name.

  • or

  • Select the symbol name, then click OK.

  • or

  • Select the symbol name, then press Enter.

Can't find the symbol you entered? 
Check our FAQs for tips on troubleshooting. 

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