Modifying level 2 preferences

  1. Open the User preferences window, and click the Level 2 tab.

  1. Under Venues, to edit the level 2 quote display for multiple exchanges including both Canadian and U.S., select the checkbox next to each exchange name.

    Note: based on your subscription level, the checkboxes next to the exchanges that are not included in your data package will be disabled. To learn more about the exchanges, go to Preferred ECNs 101.

  2. Under CDN Market Data, depending on your subscription level, to customize the level 2 quote display for Canadian exchanges, select Market by price, Market by broker, or Market by order. For more information on each of these selections, see Understand the difference between Canadian and U.S. symbol listings.

  3. To revert to the initial installation default settings, click Restore installation defaults.

  4. To enable all warning messages that you may have disabled by selecting the Do not show this again checkbox in warning messages that have appeared, click Reset all warning dialogs.

  5. Click OK to apply the changes or Cancel to discard them.
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